​Beggs' Magic Rocket

Beggs' Magic Rocket - (West Abbey Rocket x Shimeree Baby) 2000, 13.3 1/4h, grey, Section B Welsh mare. She is a friendly mare and an excellent mother. She produces large ponies. 


2009 Greymeadows Jitterbug

2010 Greymeadows Rock Step

2012 Greymeadows Gene Kelly

2014 Greymeadows Livin' Large

2015 Greymeadows Jet Blue

2016 Greymeadows Gives You Wings

2017 Greymeadows Pepper Jack

2018 Greymeadows Pinot Noir

2019 Greymeadows Spoonful of Sugar

2020 Greymeadows Know Your Distance