WT Whimsical

2006 AHHA

by Lavita  out of Night Music


2014  Prince    2015 Charge Card


Greymeadows Farm

Bur-Dal Katee Can

2000 Section A Welsh

by Snowpony Mochastone out of Bur-Dals Miss Ivy


2006 Kan Do Katee     2007 Ginger Snap

2008 Abracadabra     2009 On Point

2011 Charleston     2012 Press Release

2013 Cold Stone     2014 Hurry N Wait

2015 Road Trip     2016

Beggs' Magic Rocket

2000 Section B Welsh

by West Abbey Rocket out of Shimeree Baby


2009 Jitterbug      2010 Rock Step

2012 Dancin In The Rain     2014 Livin' Large

​2015 Jet Blue     2016 Gives You Wings

Morwel Swgwr

 Section A Welsh

by Granby Tom Thumb out of Morwel Mariah


2010 Cinnamon Toast     2011 Zumba

2012 Escapade     2014 Patent Pending

​2015 American Express

High Hopes Malibu

2005 Section A Welsh

by Brookside Starbuster out of Edens Hot Flash


2010 Rumba     2011 Viva

2013 Happy Hugs     2014 SnapChat

2016 Cowabunga


Section A Welsh


2014 Hunk O Love     2015 Passport

2016 Just a Spark

Bur-Dal Dream Gal

2004 Section A Welsh

by Bimbo out of Bur-Dals Miss Ivy


2013 Take Notes     2015 Smooth Sailing

Bur-Dal Glyndora

1993 Section A Welsh

by Coffee Pot Ludwig out of Telgay Buffy Bee


2012 Gwendolyn     2015 Gulliver's Travels

2016 Amazing Day

Majestic Lil Star

1999 APHA

by Majestic Wise Guy out of Daddy's Little Star (QH)


2003 Winthrop     2005 Centimo

2010 Macarena     2011 Fox Trot

2012 Step Up     2013 Winchester

High Hopes Cobra

2008 Section A Welsh

by High Hopes Prowler out of High Hopes Shelby


2013 Material Girl      2015 AutoPilot

2016 Sock Monster

Bur-Dal Dainty Doll

1994 Section A Welsh

by Coffee Pot Ludwig out of Three K's Dainty


2012 China Doll   2016 Luck Be A Lady

Bur-Dal Daleilah

2000 Section A Welsh

by Coffee Pot Ludwig out of Bur Dal Glyndora


2012 Daisy     2013 Flying High

​2015 First Class

Palustrine Lady of Loch Erin

2004 Section B Welsh

by Elite Black Hawk of Palustrine out of Palustrine Celtic Princess


2008 Monkey Business     2010 Vogue

2011 King of Pop     2013 Golden Boy

2014 Fairytale     2016 Cupid's Arrow

Edens Guardian Angel

1996 Section A Welsh

by Edens Shooting Star out of Farnley Flash


2010 Pirouette     2011 Crawford

2013 Tutu Tango     2014 Heat Wave

2015 Chance Encounter

Our Broodmares