For Lease

Price Codes- A: $6,500 & under; B: $6,500-$15,000; C:$15,000 & up


2010 13.2h grey mare

By Catawba out of Edens Guardian Angel

​Currently Showing SS


Monkey Business

2008 13.1 1/2h dun mare

By Catawba out of Lady of Loch Erin

Currently Showing Leadline

For Sale or Lease

Price Code: A

Greymeadows Apple Crisp

2010 13.2h, chestnut mare

By Catawba out of Sunday Surprise

Price Code: A

Kan Do Katee

2007 13.2h grey mare

By Catawba out of Bur-Dal Katee Can

Currently Showing Childrens

Available for Sale or Lease

Located in SC

Greymeadows On Point

2009 large  grey gelding

By Catawba out of Bur-Dal Katee Can

Price Code: B

Greymeadows Rock Step​

2010, 13.2h palomino mare

By Catawba out of Palustrine Lady of Loch Erin

Price Code: C

2010, 14.2h bay gelding

By Catawba out of Hickory Springs Bailee Rae

Price Code: A

Greymeadows Moon Pie

Greymeadows Vogue

2010, 14.1h, grey mare

By Catawba out of Beggs' Magic Rocket

Price Code: C

Holsteiner/Welsh Crosses

For Sale

Greymeadows Farm