High Hopes ​Malibu - (Brookside Starbuster x Edens Hot Flash) 2005, 11.2 3/4h, grey, Section A Welsh mare.  She is an incredibly sweet mare and a farm favorite. She in a wonderful mother to her foals.


2010 Greymeadows Rumba

2011 Greymeadows Viva

2013 Greymeadows Happy Hugs

2014 Greymeadows Snapchat

2016 Greymeadows Cowabunga

2017 Greymeadows Pecorino

2018 Greymeadows Zinfandel

2019 Greymeadows Once Upon a Dream

2020 Greymeados Rogue Illumination

​High Hopes Malibu